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Spring Trends of the ~*TRENDY*~

Posted by Abbey & Emily Sims on

Spring Trends of the ~*TRENDY*~

   So first of all, I feel like even the word “trendy” can sometimes get a bad rep. By definition, trendy means “very fashionable or up to date in style or influence.” Trendy is literally just a synonym for stylish. And we all want to be a little stylish, right? So, if you’re hesitant about getting too far into trends, just hang with me! I completely understand! But, I am a firm believer that even if you like to keep it classic and simple with your style, you can absolutely still participate in trending fashions. It may be with more subtle and understated touches, but trends are what keep your wardrobe fresh and interesting! If you like something, don’t be afraid to try it. I say just go for it!

All that said, here’s some things trending that I’m excited about for this spring & summer! && please keep in mind- I was not a fashion major. I use ALL of the incorrect terms. And I can only dish out what I’m constantly learning as I journey through this ever-changing world of retail and fashion! So, bear with me if you are a true fashion guru. I am seriously sorry.


  1. aNiMal PrInTs I mean it when I say, I literally can’t get enough of this one. Leopard print has always been counted as a neutral in my humble opinion, so I am so glad to see it being used this way in Spring 2019! We are seeing snakeskin, leopard, zebra, cowhide prints- you name it! They’re everywhere. Prints are all over blouses, skirts, dresses, shoes, belts, and everything in between! I think the key to mastering this trend is moderation. If you’re trying to rock an animal print skirt or top, or any main clothing item, I would try to keep it simple and understated with everything else-including accessories! Pair a printed top with solid denim or black pants, and vice a versa. Make sure that your animal print piece is the center of attention. I’m always careful not to have other prints fighting with it or you’ve lost your statement and the whole look can get too busy. A great subtle way to join in on this trend is just to accessorize with it! On almost any given day, you can catch me wearing one of our cute little leopard or snakeskin snap bracelets, or one of our handmade cowhide cuffs. Find a fun animal print bracelet or pair of earrings, and I can almost guarantee it will go with everything you throw on with it!
  2. bOlD pAtTeRn PaNtS Huge fan of this trend, if only for the fact of comfort and style being brought together into one wonderful package! I think this one is a lifesaver for professionals wearing business casual this spring and summer. It is such a great way to be stylish and comfortable at work while being able to move straight into happy hour or wherever you end up when you punch out in the evenings! One thing with this trend that tends to scare some people off is that most of these pants are made in thin material, and not so forgiving or flattering in the behind area. In fact, a lot of these pants tend to fit like a pair of yoga pants- and they might just show every single dimple you didn’t know you had on your bootay. If you spot a pair of funky wide leg pants you love, don’t let that fear deter you from trying them! It does NOT mean that you can’t make them work for you! It usually just means you have to pair the right shirt with them. I have SO MANY of these pants in my closet that I love, but I ABSOLUTELY have to cover the bum, HAVE to cover the crotch (you know what I’m talkin’ about), or even have to cover the top half of my thighs. A lot of the time, all you need is a long shirt! I have a stash of long, curved-hem tees and tops in my closet for this very reason! So, if you’ve been hesitant with this trend, I say try it! You might just find that the only thing missing is the right top!
  3. FlOrAl PrInTs This is one trend that is hard to mess up. And mixing prints is actually encouraged with this one! This spring, the more prints, the better! One problem some ladies have with this one is to think, “I can’t do patterns like floral. They just make me look bigger!” And if it’s not done correctly, I think this can actually be true. With florals, it’s all in the pattern that you choose. Unfortunately, with large floral patterns, sometimes the big blooms can land in the wrong spots on our bodies and a flower on the wrong body part can accentuate something that we don’t want to. And this is definitely NOT what we want. I would just say that if this is something you’re afraid of with florals, just try going for the florals with micro blooms and smaller patterns. I also think that the accessorizing with this one makes all the difference! Some florals can “make you feel like a 2 year old,” as Emily says, lol. But, the right pair of sleek gold hoops, a little boho short-length necklace, or a pair of chunky wedges can give it just the push it needs to take it from childish to stylish! (<made that one up all by myself!)
  4. fEaThEr AcCeNtS This trend is the gift that keeps on giving! We have seen this one carry through a few seasons, and it is not going anywhere now! I think it’s important to know that the only way to participate in this one isn’t just with literal feathers- little pops of tulle on sleeves, fringe accents, and frayed hems are a great way to get into this spring style! One of my favorite ways to incorporate this one into my wardrobe is with some fun feather earrings! When I have on a simple solid top or especially any off-shoulder styles, I like to pull my hair back and wear a pair of funky, feathered earrings to kick the whole outfit up a notch! I think this one is really fun because a feathered accent can take a boring outfit and make it super chic and dressy, or super bohemian and fun. And it’s so simple!
  5. cRoChEt & CrAfTy Crochet is popping up everywhere this spring and summer! And this is another one that I absolutely LOVE! Unfortunately, I think with crochet, your mind automatically thinks either grandma’s knitting or those teeny tiny little crop tops that girls wear to festivals. BUT, I’m happy to tell ya that there are definitely some other ways to have fun with it! Earrings are another great avenue here- there are so many funky little stitched pieces that can be mixed and matched into your spring wardrobe! Lots of tops this spring have colorful crochet accents around the collar or sleeves. And instead of just seeing a little crochet crop top, lots of these tiny crochet tops make the most adorable bralettes to wear under your favorite v-necks, sheer blouses, and off shoulder tops! Crochet kimonos and breezy loose knit sweaters are another great way to accent your outfit with a little of this spring style. The crochet is definitely a little harder to master, and still harder to get your hands on the right pieces, but when you see it, you will KNOW! I feel like with this one, the key is just to keep in mind that you’re going for a modern dose of 70’s cool when working with it. TRY it! You can do it- I promise!

    And the last thing I’ll say about being trendy in the *FINALLY* warm months of 2019 is this- LIVE YOUR LIFE, LADIES. The best way to be trendy is to wear WHATEVER it is that you’re wearing with confidence. How you carry yourself is all the style that you will ever need. If you still love your chevron dress from 2012, wear it! Your sequin hobo bag from middle school, rock it! Heck- puka shell chokers are back in style, so literally anything is possible. Don't forget to let me know what you think, and if you love any other styles coming up this spring! Love you, dolls!! <3

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  • Y’all are the QUEENS of animal and floral prints…loving what Yes Doll has in store this spring!

    Liz on

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