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Let's Try This Thing!

Posted by Abbey & Emily Sims on

Let's Try This Thing!

Hey, hey, dolls!


It’s Abbey. Here to try something new today! First off, I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU times a thousand for even being in a position to read this- it means you support us, follow us, or just engage with us in SOME kind of way and it’s because of YOU that we get to do this whole crazy thing! So, thank you. You guys make it so fun & we are always grateful to you for supporting us!


To the point- the last two years, my time has been all consumed with the logistics and groundwork that come with starting up a boutique or any small business. Its been wild, its been nerve-racking and stressful, but its been SO rewarding seeing some of the hard work coming off of the ground and bearing fruit! In the last few months, though, I’ve realized that through the start-up process, I haven’t had the time and energy to really focus on the creative/inventive side of this business, which is the whole reason I was so excited about yes doll in the first place. I tell you guys this to say that, hopefully, this blog (And I am SUPER hesitant to even use the word blog because I do not at all consider myself a blogger and don’t really have a clue about the future content for this thing…) BUT, hopefully this “blog” is going serve as one of the ways I get to be creative with you all. And I hope that this grows into a space for better communication with you guys with fun stories/advice, styles transparency, and anything and everything to do with yes doll & our dolls!! That being said, I’m asking you for any and all advice that you are willing to give, whether it is constructive criticism, content ideas you’d like to see, questions you have, or just anything you want to see on here or in the store.


Comment, email us, DM us on Instagram @yesdollboutique, message us on Facebook, call us at the store- whatever!


I’m excited to see what you have to say and get this going! The plan is to meet here biweekly, but don’t hold me to that- I’m nothing if not sporadic and UNpunctual. Unfortunately. BUT, I do love to write, so this should be fun! Anyways…..talk to you guys soon!!




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  • Love the blog idea and can’t wait to read the posts! You guys are awesome!!

    Corinne on

  • I want to see yesdoll go live on insta with new arrivals!! That way i can stay up to date with what’s in the shop!

    Laura on

  • Stylish sistass!! So proud of all your hard work and dedication! Proud to call both of you friends! I always love seeing each of your styles come together!! 💕

    Lindsay on

  • SO proud of everything y’all are doing!! It’s been so amazing watching yes doll grow & I can’t wait to see more! So excited for the blog!!

    Amanda on

  • Y’all have done an awesome job with yes doll! so proud of the most stylish sisters! Love y’all!

    Liz Munn on

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